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Lunch Run with Saucony + Whole Foods


For the month of May, Pacers Running is asking runners to open the vault and share their stories out loud and on social media with the rest of the running community. Tell us of the things you've seen on the run, from the tourist photographing a dumpster on the mall to the machete wielding motorist to the couple picnicking with a six-course meal at Gravelly Point. You've seen it all and now is the time to share.

Join us at the Navy Yard location every Wednesday in May at 12:30pm to tell your story or create a new one on a three mile run. Share on social media. Sharers will receive a custom lunchbox and a chance to tell your story on Pace the Nation, our podcast.


May 4

Kickoff with Saucony + Whole Foods

May 11

Lunch run + Nandos

May 18

Lunch run + Saucony + Whole Foods

May 25

Lunch run + Ice Cream Jubilee

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