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FREE workout!! BRING A FRIEND DAY and WOD With Warriors - 21 GUNS


Ballston CrossFit
1110 N Glebe Rd 22201 Arlington United States
FREE BRING A FRIEND DAY all day at BCF and special 6:30pm WOD with WARRIORS and Team RWB!

Join us for a short but sweet WOD, all exercises are scalable to your ability level.

***Also, there will be a post-WOD social at World of Beer to get to know each other better after the 6:30pm WOD***

Ballston Crossfit does not have dedicated parking. You can find free parking in the residential neighborhood on the side of Glebe RD (along Vernon St close to 13th ST. is normally fairly open). We are also 4 blocks from the metro and 6 blocks from the Ballston Mall (where they have $1 parking).

WOD with Warriors is a functional fitness tribute workout held twice a year on Veterans and Memorial Day at gyms all throughout the country.

If you would like to make a donation to to RWB to help all the programs that they do for vetrians around the world, please see the Crowd Rise page: https://www.crowdrise.com/va---arlington-/fundraiser/va---arlington-ballston-crossfit-
WOD: 21 Guns

A 21 Gun Salute is the Nation’s highest display of honor, appropriately reserved for our Fallen troops on Memorial Day. This WOD intends to replicate this, to honor our Nation's’ Warriors, past, present and future. The 21- minute workout and 21 repetitions signify a 21-gun salute, with an exercise for each of the five Branches of the Military.

The WOD - 21 Guns

21 minute As many rounds as possible (AMRAP)
400 meter run*
21 pushups
21 box jump (24”/20”)
15 burpees
9 Pull-ups

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